Lass' sie fliegen.

. the life . leave me a note . wanna reach me . keep in touch . the past


. girl on the move . beloved ones . keepin' me alive . rhythm of my <3


Find a friend, lose control
Fall in love and lose your soul
Settle down, buy a ring
Wait awhile, have a fling
Work it out, raise a kid
Then look back at what you did
Never alone, so it's okay
Just livin' life the American Way

Kurze Übersicht,damit ihr wisst,mit wem ihr's eigl zu tun habt ;]

I wanna be free
And live without warning
I wanna finally see
What it's like on the other side.
I wanna be free
Cause a new day is dawning
I wanna be me
I wanna show the world I'm alive.

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[x] Name: Ruth [Maria] H.
[x] B'day 03/12/1991
[x] hair colour: blonde
[x] eye colour: blue
[x] heigh: 5'4
[x] favourite colour: pink
[x] present town: Manchester


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